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Elia Pinto (devzero2000) Blog
FUN with rpmvercmp and some HP driver  
6th-Dec-2013 12:15 pm
" On an HP ProLiant server , When upgrading the HP Dynamic Smart Array RAID Controller Driver for Linux ( hpvsa ) using the hpvsa 1.2.6 -11a rpm , a message is displayed Indicating That the driver version is already installed or a message is displayed erroneously Indicating That them to more recent version is already installed .
This Occurs Because The rpm command does not Recognize the "a" in the- eleventh part of the version number ."

What are you saying ? Really ?
In 2013 a company like HP that does not know well the rpm comparison algorithm. Nice to know.

Probably it is time to do a man page for this https://blueprints.launchpad.net/rpm/+spec/rpm-add-rpm-version-man-page
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