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In Italy is it better to be working as a barman or to be an IT professional RHCA ?

It is too much time that I don't write something. But I found the opportunity when I saw the deterioration that has reached the world of IT labor in Italy. Look at these Troll.

As you know the RHCA is one of the top, and more difficult, IT certification on Red Hat Linux. If you have this it means to have made ​​a minimum investment of at least 15,000 in training.
And of course this is not enough to pass the exam, it is necessary a considerable personal effort.
By the way certainly if one were to do all this for 900 eur per month he would be a fool al least.

Luckily in Europe and the USA IT professionals are paid like should.


Staff and Entry-level Positions

Middle Management

Senior Management

Again from USA. In the first post i was wrong, but i forgot that many USA city are named as the their  European Countrepart.


In Europa i have not found an equivalent of the "It Salary Report". Perhaps for the Italy should be
better to change
in the above "ey"  with "ival" if one want to obtain, this time, a true Italian Record (Thanks to Dario Fazio for this very nice indication posted on Linkedin). Aside, if someone find more info for the Europe i am glad to report here.

I have found only this for the UK

This is a survey in Germany

I think it look better that in Italy. Or almost of what  those "troll" want offer in their job research. In effect some time ago Assintel published a report on the IT profession , by geographical area and by job (requires registration) (for the 2009 period anyway). These data seem more reasonable than they would like to offer the "troll", at least for overcoming the threshold of survival for some IT profession, at least. Recent jobs recruting offered on LinkedIn for RHCA / RHCT seem to confirm my hypothesis. For example this link ( contains the following offer


A Minimum of 5 years experience as a system administrator
Minimum of 5 years experience in installing, configuring, troubleshooting and tuning Java applications
Experience in Shell, Perl, Python or similar scripting languages ​​to automate common tasks.
Experience with LDAP and SSL setup and configuration.
Experience with NFS setup, configuration, and tuning.

What's on Offer
Between base salary of 50.000 to 65.000 Euros
Bonus scheme of up to 7%
20 days Holiday
Collective Healthcare Insurance

Pension Scheme

Not bad at all, isn't it ?

Concluding,  i think that this sorry state It 's a further effect of the well know "bunga bunga", the severe economic crisis of Italy, but perhaps more important the Italian serious moral crisis. And no,  it's not what I will want for my children, ever.


This is an update on the 29/07/2013. It is based on the direct translation of the following article published on, clearly if there are translation errors the fault is only mine (

"Summer time and vacation time. For all of us it is time to make a budget to see how far they allow us to get our finances. The same problem also affects the ICT professionals.And if you are wondering how much they earn these professionals, as one might that be, now that we can find a more exhaustive thanks to the 15th Report on Wages in Italy , signed by OD & M Consulting (note from the author: t
he full report can be purchased here

The report provides the detailed information on the market and provides a representation of the professions that can help identify trends useful for operators in their business are confronted with the complex mechanisms of supply and demand of labor in domestic markets and external organizations.

It is important to emphasize that the surveys carried out by OD&M in Italian companies held monitored over time the "market value" of a profession and as the market for the same profession is willing to spend. It is not the object of analysis increases applied to a specific person.

The report elaborates 458,584 earnings profiles of private employees (Executives, Managers, Employees and workers) collected in the years 2008-2012, where to wages is a system of earnings-related information: industry and sector of origin, size and turnover of ' company, territorial area, professional work, framing category, age, professional seniority and gender.
Looking at the overall trends, compared with calendar year 2011, it is noted in 2012 an upward trend in wages , with trend higher than those of past years. The situation of slower wage growth began in 2007 seems to get unstuck in 2012 in a diffuse manner for all professional groups.

At regional level, the North West has the highest average compensation value in all professional groups, while the lowest values ​​belong in all cases in the South and the Islands.
If we now focus more closely on ICT professionals, the Report shows that the fund Informatics, electronics and automation brings, relatively to 2012, average annual gross un'RTA of € 109,709 for executives , with a growing trend of 5.3%.

For the middle management the RTA average gross annual 2012 came to € 53,327 , registering a decrease in the negative trend over the previous year, with a - 0.2%.

Employees had registred instead un'RTA record annual average of 28,843 , with an increasing trend of 2.2%.

Finally, the workers (low level employees) in the ICT sector report un'RTA annual average € 23,267 , with a growing trend of 5.9%."

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